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Team imani legacy financial professionals

Become a Licensed Financial Professional: Start Earning Part-Time to Full-Time Income

Collobarative path to financial independence !

We’re more than a team, we’re a community of entrepreneurs shaping financial futures. Discover a unique model where every member stands as an owner and helps each other rise to the pinnacle of financial success.

Ways you will build your Income

We offer diverse income opportunities through a robust compensation plan across our extensive product portfolio. As you progress and grow your business, you'll have the chance to earn more while impacting more lives.

Personal Income:

Earn commissions when you secure new business.

 As you hit predefined levels, your commission percentage increases, allowing you to grow your personal income steadily.

Agency Income:

Grow your business by mentoring and developing new licensed agents.

 As they generate new business, you’ll earn a percentage of their sales through overrides, creating a scalable source of agency income.

Bonus Income:

Qualified agents have the chance to earn bonus income linked to the company’s overall production.

This income has the potential to significantly multiply and compound your earning capacity.

Expansion Income:

Expand your business footprint across the US or Canada as an entrepreneurial leader. 

Our platform supports your expansion efforts, enabling you to build and strengthen your organization

Team imani legacy financial professionals

What it means to be apart of Team Imani.

Becoming part of our team means embracing a transformative journey. Whether you’re starting a new or seeking a change, We offer a platform where ambition meets opportunity.

we believe in empowering individuals to become licensed financial professionals. Through our mentorship and training, you’ll transform into a business owner with unlimited growth potential.

 Join us in our mission to redefine success and prosperity in the finance industry.

Why Choose to partner with Us

  • Entrepreneurial Model:

    As a business owner within our community, you're not just an agent—you're an equal contributor and leader in our shared success story.

  • Collaborative Culture

    We foster a collaborative environment where mutual support and shared knowledge lead to collective growth.

  • Scalable Growth

    Your success is not capped; it's scalable. Define your goals, and together, we'll pave the way to achieve them.

  • Comprehensive Training

    Benefit from our robust training programs and mentorship, guiding you towards licensure and expertise in financial services.

Average Annual Earnings of Full time ($)


0-3 Years Experience

4-7 Years Experience
8-10 Years Experience

Edna Ngowi, CEO & Founder

Join Team Imani Legacy For a Transformative Journey to Financial Empowerment

At Imani Legacy, we offer a transformative journey for aspiring financial professionals. Our comprehensive training program empowers you to kickstart your career. Join us and scale your business limitlessly, regardless of your background. Experience financial empowerment as part of our organization—no constraints on your journey, whether full-time or part-time. Imani Legacy welcomes you to be part of an entrepreneurial adventure unlike any other.